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What if: Michael Jordan and Byron Russell Played Today

Posted in What if? on December 9, 2009 by shotymeapparel

Written by J.J.
When Michael Jordan scored the final two points in game 6 of the Utah Jazz vs. Chicago Bulls Finals over Byron Russell, that was it. No more. The Bulls pulled away with the 1998 NBA Championship and left Utah in the dust. 6 Championships for the Bulls, and none for Utah.

Again. It seems, Utah’s bitterness never went away. The sourness still resides in many Utah fans today. The stir of bittersweet competition between Byron Russel and Michael Jordan was brewed up again. A check of $100,000 will be donated to charity if the two would come out and play a game of one one one.

Brandt Anderson, Utah Flash Owner decided to make it happen. He orchestrated a ingenious marketing campaign tha t made many Utah fans believe the one on one charity game between Jordan and Russell would happen at half time during the Utah Flash vs. Dakota wizards.
I mean, Michael Jordan errr…. was caught on camera eating at Provo’s in Utah.

In the end, it was not Michael Jordan. It was a Michael Jordan impersonator who looked like him. At the game, Byron Russell was there, Michael was not. Sadly, the fans who paid to watch the one on one game and not the real game were furious and many shouted boos.
Summing things up. I loved Brandt’s marketing idea. He used the internet and the Michael Jordan-yron Russell challenge to draw more fans. It was brilliant. He brought a show to the arena. He also mocked Jordan with Byron Russell showing up ready to play. I don’t know why the fans are booing. Well, I do. They paid to watch Jordan play. Michael Jordan has become a timeless icon. If fans paid to watch an event as such, it show’s how much of an imprint he’s left in the world of basketball. If Michael Jordan came out of retirement, would you fill the arena and watch in play one more time? I would. Would Jordan beat Russell? Yes.


Brandon Jennings: Rookie of the Year and MVP

Posted in What if? on November 22, 2009 by shotymeapparel

Recent article Fresh-faced phenom must show MVP staying power by By Frank Hughes, for, speaks out about the emergence of rookie point guard, Brandon Jennings, who is making a name for himself. His 55 point outburst was been the talk this season. Something like this has not happened since 1968. Branden Jennings, a name worth mentioning tens down the line in the record books.

Written with excitement, Hughes compares Jenning’s stat lines with the other elite candidates that he mentions in “The Race,” for the League MVP. Averaging near 25 points, 6 rebounds, 5 Assists per game, Jennings display solid numbers that will be considered. Not only his numbers are legit, the team’s winning record of 7-3 is no joke. My, my, New York can cry now.

Hughes writes, “One coach to whom The Race spoke about Jennings pointed out that he not only dropped a double nickel on Golden State – which is a little like boasting you beat the crap out of a one-armed man – but that he had 32 against Denver the previous game and 28 against Dallas the game after. The Bucks’ upset against Dallas was thwarted only by Dirk Nowitzki’s (notes) buzzer-beating shot that banked high off the glass in overtime – after which The Race saw way more of Dirk’s tongue than was necessary.”

My take on this is…Has there ever been a Rookie who has won both Rookie of the Year and the League MVP in one Season? Brandon Jenning’s maturity and skills has grown even beyond my expectations. His speed combined with his ball handling skills are already amazing. Coupling with a greatly improved jump shot and play making skills, he is beyond some point guards in the league. I don’t want to hate, but fellow lefty Mike Conley has not been productive since after college. Comments are greatly appreciated because I would like my opinions challenged.

I am a fan of Jenning’s game, and maturity. he is able to balance his stardom with poise and does everything right. He is the face of performance apparel UnderArmor. He is the face of the Milwaukee Bucks. However, he is young. The season is early. And his test will begin when he hits the rookie wall. How he pushes through and handles it will be his greatest challenge. Teams will be adjusting, they will double team him and push him around. But you know what? Brandon Jennings is ready.

With the rate the Bucks are going, the rate of Brandon Jennings is developing and adjusting, I can truly see Jennings as the Rookie of the Year. Now as for the MVP of the league. He has to lead the Bucks to the top of their division along with all around stat lines that will just blow you away. I’m talking averaging 28 points, 6 rebounds and 9 assists. Then……you will hear “The 2009-2010 NBA regular season MVP….BRANDON JENNINGS!!!!”

Hey this is the What IF section. Enjoy it, and don’t forget to leave your comments.

Allen Iverson a King?

Posted in What if? on November 19, 2009 by shotymeapparel

Written by J. Won

Allen Iverson would be an addition to the Kings roster. He would bring perimeter defense and ball penetration for the stagnant offense the Kings have during the 4th quarter. Allen Iverson can play at his height of 6 foot , distribute the ball with 6 assist per game, and score with 27 points over his 13 year career. His leadership would be a big plus to the young Kings, with his defensive mindset and all-star talent.

Sacramento Kings fans think negatively of the trade, as posted in the Sacramento Bee Comments. Critics say that Iverson’s career is over. But look at the position he’s been in over the last two years. He was traded to team up with Carmelo Anthony and J.R Smith, both scorers, where he didn’t fit. He was then traded to the Detroit, where a new coach and 8 year system was already in effect. The only reason Iverson hasn’t been a great fit for any team is because he wasn’t their number one option.

Iverson is a “me” kind of guy, meaning it’s his team. The Kings have the ability to make him the “Me” guy, with supporting role players like Tyreke Evans and Jason Thompson. I’d rather have him be the team leader and scorer over Kevin Martin, someone who hasn’t produced in clutch moments. The Kings lack the leadership a team needs with such a young roster, something Iverson could help with. I’d rather have Allen Iverson be the starting point guard and distributor than Beno Udrih, a reserve player in my book.

Overall, the Kings shouldn’t think about the free agent as a downgrade. In reality, it’s an actual upgrade. Iverson can still play. Maybe not the 27 career point average, but somewhere near there. Remember, he’s only 6 foot, and he ‘s better than 80 percent of the players out there. Memphis dropped him because he was unsatisfied coming off the bench. I would be too if I had the accomplishments he had, and saw 3rd year player Mike Conley starting instead. Memphis made a big mistake starting him instead of Iverson.

As for the Samuel Dalembert trade for Kenny Thomas, I would oppose it. The King’s defense is already decent enough that they don’t need a shot blocker. On top of that, the Kings held Kenny Thomas and his 4 year contract, which would be up by this season, for so long that it’d be stupid to waste it now. It’d be a waste of salary space for this 2010 free agent bidding, accepting Dalembert’s 24 million / 2 year contract. He’d be an upgrade to the defense, but not for that price. But just think , Iverson would be playing alongside Dalembert again…

Why the Kings won’t sign Iverson…

The growth of Tyreke Evans might be altered. It’d no longer be the rookie’s team, but Iverson’s team. Tyreke would learn a lot from a leadership veteran, but it’d also hurt him too. It will take the ball out of Evan’s hands during the fourth quarter, a time where the rookie could learn from making his own mistakes. It is also a risk for the roster and the team chemistry. The roster has accepted their youth and growth, but bringing in Iverson would ruin the foundation. The only reason the Kings fans will strongly disagree right now is their four game winning streak they just had.

LEBRON + KOBE= Chamionships and more Championships part 2

Posted in What if? on November 10, 2009 by shotymeapparel

James says winning more important than money

1 hour, 7 minutes ago

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio (AP)—LeBron James(notes) wants to be clear: Championships are more important than cash.

Not that the cash isn’t nice.

James on Monday clarified a remark he made last week in which the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar said getting a maximum contract next summer isn’t that important to him.

“Let’s get this clear: I said the max contract doesn’t mean more than winning,” James said. “I didn’t say, ‘I don’t need a max contract’ or ‘I’m not going to get a max contract.’ All I’m saying is that winning is more important to me than money at the end of the day.”

In New York for a game against the Knicks last week, James said “a max deal or anything like that doesn’t really matter to me at the end of the day. It’s all about winning for me.”

That led to speculation that James, who can opt out of his contract with the Cavaliers after this season, would be willing to play somewhere for less than the league maximum.

Can it Happen?

“LeBron James(notes) wants to be clear: Championships are more important than cash.”

In response of this article, I cannot help but to speculate the possibilities of Lebron James replacing Derek Fisher at the Point and running the Lakers along side of  Kobe Bryant.  This would make the Lakers Champions for the next decade.  Kobe will be an immortal amongst mortals with his selection of Championship rings.  He has the highest probability of winning more rings than Bill Russell. Not that is something I have to see.

And Phil Jackson, no one will touch the zen master in winning more Championships.  SO if Lebron does take the League minimum and Jerry Buss doesn’t mind the luxury tax, the King will Be in Southern California wearing a number 23 Purple and Gold next season.  Yes it’s that crazy and the season just began….. But this topic is just too good to pass up.

Hit me up with your speculations….


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“Will LeBron join Kobe in L.A.?

Sam Smith believes a LeBron to the Lakers’ scenario makes the most sense for him if he wants a chance to be considered among the greatest winners of all-time.”

This is my response and thoughts if Lebron does indeed decide to join the L.A. Lakers.  The original artical by Sam Smith can be read at   Note “Cookie” = Championship , “Cookie” jar= a Collection of Championships

In a world where Salary caps are unlimited…Yes…Lebron James will be a Laker.  In a world where you want to be the sole individual who brought a Championship or two or three with some star help…Yes…Lebron James will be a Laker.  In a world where a system is designed to share the ball and create balance on a team, and havoc on other teams….yes Lebron James will be a Laker.  For all other personal reasons such as entertainment exposure, warm weather…Yes…Lebron James should consider becoming a LAKER.

Karl Malone , and Gary Payton took pay cuts to join a Laker’s franchise in hopes of bringing a Championship to their pockets.  Malone didn’t get his and Gary, well…he got his with Miami.  Both players were passed their prime and decided taking a pay cut for a “Cookie.”  Lebron’s case would be different.  Simply stated, he can take a pay cut for couple of years till Kobe retires, then make even more money.   He has a $100 million dollar shoe contract, plus movies, and endorsement deals that pays him.  Question is… will he sacrifice his pay, for a chance to win.  They might lose in the Finals…but chances of winning are unlimited.  Lebron is 24 years old.  Not many 24 year olds make the type of money he makes.  Take a 3 year pay cut Lebron.  You will share the “cookie” jar with Kobe on t.v. every night…

As a fan, I know these will be the hottest tickets in town. Any given player on the team will blow up. It could be Kobe’s night, Lebron’s night, Ron’s night, Pau, Andrew…. Everyone will be watching the Laker’s. On paper, this team is Legit. Lebron-pg, Kobe-sg, Ron-sf, Pau-pf, and Andrew-C. It is one line up that I would pay to see. period.

Because I am also a business man. Sometimes it’s all business and that is what this “cha-ching”  team will bring to the West Coast. Unlimited marketing potential. The Asian market is huge, and yes, the Laker’s will definitely be playing games in China creating a huge fan base with more dollars in the making. Nike will be very happy.  European players Pau, and Sascha will also generate more monetary exposure to the European market.  The Lakers will create a global marketing business with these players and make more money.  So one more time, “Take the pay cut Lebron.” Three years to make more billions that you can’t count in a Lifetime. Not that you can count all the zero’s on your paycheck, but there are a lot of zeroes.  Come to the Lakers.

I love playing devil’s advocate. Certainly that is the best case scenario. The 2009 Cleveland Cavaliers were one of the best teams I have seen.  But they also suffered the same fate when Jordan was playing under Doug Collins. Michael couldn’t do it all.  Lebron certainly can’t do it all. You need a system to keep the ball moving, players moving so you can position players better in offense. Phil Jackson brought the same exact Triangle Offense and the same defensive principles from the Lakers to the Bulls. Yes, his system works.  If Lebron is to win on his own with his supporting cast, he must win with a system.  Why not win with the triangle offense???

Now in reality, will Lebron consider this alternative route I have been writing about for 2010? Maybe…I’m just stating my opinion. But in the eyes of a 24 year old man with endless potential, Lebron James will not join the Lakers until he has claimed couple of Championships. Will he go for the money? He is Money, he is more mature than those his age so he will go for the best available team that can make a run for a Championship. Because he is young, he also wants to be the focal point in winning a Championship. Lebron’s close knit family relationship with his team mates makes it hard for him to leave Cleveland, maybe not.

All in all, I Lebron feels this Cleveland team can win the ship, he will sign a 2 year contract to try and win couple of Championships with Cleveland. Which, will put him at 26-27 year old by the time his contract will expire and he will be solidified as a “Cookie’ jar holder. He can then owe Cleveland nothing and move to L.A. which will have a 34 year old Kobe who is happy to have Lebron on the team. How is that for a perfect scenario. So I say this, Lebron and Kobe in 2012. He it’s only couple of more years.  It’s worth the wait.  So I leave you with this…


Got cookie?

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