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It’s Mine- Written by J.J.

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Written by J.J.
2010 is approaching and I am grateful to have all my friends and loved ones around. You know who you are. Thank you for those who believed that Sho’Tyme Apparel will be a force in the upcoming year. More projects and bigger things are unfolding. As for Me, I am happy to finally have started something I believe in.
This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for my friends who believed me and backed me up on this. Most importantly, I wanted to give credit to Jada, my ex-girlfriend, and my closest friend who encouraged and pushed me to pursue this dream. If you’re reading this, I want to let you know I’ll be there for you and I am happy that you’re happy. Life must go on, and goals must be met ” Don’t Dream…Make it Happen.”
This is J.J. I wish everyone a Happy New Year. I will see everyone in 2010.
I leave everyone a gift, something I wrote that reflected my 2009. Enjoy.

It’s Mine- Written by J.J

2009- the Highest of High, the Lowest of Low.
Promising in the beginning, But results came slow.
You thought you can make it happen in time. She can’t wait forever.
So Love fell for you, and she found another.
Alone, angered, confused. You just lost your lover.
Most importantly, a true friend for the moment. Just know, it won’t be lost forever.
So Get your shit straight son. And everything will be back together.
That you is me,
that me is I,
Damn…. I don’t have time to cry.
Too much to do, to accomplish.
I will survive.
Heartbreaks, heartaches. Friendships lost.
Friendships form each day.
Everyone be safe, have fun and stay out of Harm’s way.
A true roller coaster of life in 2009 for me. For all I know it’s coming to an end.
I feel it, 2010 is gonna be a godsend
So bye bye 2009
I’m ready for a new a year, 2010.


Sho’Tyme Apparel X DunkXChange SF THIS WEEKEND!!!!

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Everyone that hits up our booths gets a special retro card. See everyone there!!!!

Other stores that carry our Brand.

Getta Clue (Downtown Plaza)
545 Downtown Plz
Sacramento, CA 95814
916) 446-4700

Getta Clue (Arden Store)
2100 Arden Way
Sacramento, CA 95825

Workmens Balance (San Jose Eastridge Mall)
(San Jose) Eastridge Mall.
2200 Eastridge Loop #1085.
San Jose, CA 91522. 408-528-9252


461 9th street, Oakland, Ca

Sho’Tyme Apparel online store.

Hearing Voices: Celebrity GPS Navigation

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“I’m sure it’s out there.” said a friend of mine. I’m sure it is too, but I have yet to see or “hear” it. I am talking about Celebrity Voices for your navigation system. Currently, GPS brand TomTom has made several celebrity voices in download form from their site. I’m guessing everything is still in demo stage because is has not been heavily marketed. Now doing the research and all, there isn’t much buzz out there about this topic. But after listening to the possible celebrity voices out there, I can guarantee that there is going to be a lot of buzzing. My buddy posted a SNOOP DOGG Voice Navigation up (thanks Jon). Check it out.
If you liked that. you should check these other voices out.
With All that said, I am looking for celebrity Voice impersonators. Yes I am serious. Contact me a