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Sho’Tyme Apparel 2010 Catalog

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Written by J.J.

Here’s a quick look at our Spring Catalog…


2010 Year of the Retro: Nike Air Go LWP

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2010 Year of the Retro: Nike Air Go LWP

Written by J.J.
Before the Shox, the Hyperdunks, flywire technology, etc. There was the Nike Air Go LWP (Light Weight Performnace). The lightest basketball shoes out there back in 94′. Yes for the newbies, it’s just as light as the Hyperdunks.

Ladies and Gents, this is One Basketball shoe in the Waiting for all Ballers out there. It’s been 16 years in the waiting but The Nike Air Go LWP (Light Weight Performance) will make a return during the 2010 holiday season.

The Nike Air Go LWP was one of the first sneakers Penny Hardaway laced up in the NBA. Although this sneaker is a part of Penny’s signature sneaker line, it is mostly associated with him. I cannot be more excited than this. I played in my Nike Air Go’s till the soles were worn out and the air bubble popped due to the constant balling on the hot summer blacktop. With it’s resurgence this Christmas, it is one hot shoe for all the Ballers out there.

Contest!!!: We all have a little of Mike in US

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We all have a little of Mike in US
Written by J.J.

Michael Jordan, believe or not lives in every body. From the kid who bought a pair of Jordan’s to the kid who watches old video’s of Mike in his prime; the kid who wear’s purple and gold and pulls off a perfect M.J. fade away jumper; the kid who everybody call’s the “King.” You can be his ultimate fan, or just hated him when he made the game winner in Utah. Believe or not , we all tried to imitate his moves, wear the shoes, even stick our tongues out to show some swag like him. If you think you have the best Michael Jordan imitation. You should check out our contest for a free giveaway.
We all have a little bit of Mike in US

Kobe Bryant’s Imitation of Michael Jordan

Lebron James’ Imitation of Michael Jordan at the 1:07

Sho’Tyme Apparel will be Giving Away A Limited EditionDoin’ Work 23” Shirt for the contestant who submits the best Michael Jordan imitation, pose, video on our fan page on FACEBOOK

The 3’s are Back: Air Jordan Retro 3 Cement

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The 3’s are Back: Air Jordan retro 3 Cement
Written by J.J.

The 3’s are BACK in TOWN
The Air Jordan 3 Retro White/Cement will also make a return in 2010.

A retro Air Jordan 3 surfaces annually for the past few years (”True Blue” Air Jordan 3 in 2009 & Air Jordan 3 Black/Cement Grey in 2008). However, we have not seen this particular colorway since it retroed in 2003. Additional rumors have circulated about this shoe being a part of an upcoming Air Jordan Slam Dunk Pack for 2010. Stay tune….and enjoy this classic commercial.

Lebron and Wade: Simply Amazing

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Written by J.J.

The adrenaline must have been pumping for both Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. For all those who witnessed a game to remember, this game was one of the more memorable games. Well… D-wade had his 30 point first half but only managed to score two points in the second half. But nonetheless, we all enjoyed the 24 minutes.

Lebron got the Win again. When it comes down to the last seconds, you don’t throw a behind the back pass. D-wade….No No. Lebron Sealed the deal with a pair of Free-throws.

Bring it back when the two met earlier this year…

Yes D-Wade…I remember.
Anderson, welcome to your Kodak Moment

Limited Edition Witness3d tee Coming Soon from Sho’Tyme Lifestyle and Performance Apparel

Doin’ Work with Kobe’s V

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Doin’ Work with Kobe’s V

Written By J.J.

The Nike Zoom Kobe V’s are Out at Footlockers. If you are anticipating another commercial, you are right. The MVPuppets are at it again, this time with the Kobe V’s burning up the house. I personally already have 3 pairs of Kobe 4’s and I’m playing in them. To match these shoes, I suggest picking up one of Sho’Tyme Apparel’s Doin’ Work 24 Shirt.

Subtle, message oriented, and when you turn to the back

….well…let’s just say the Shoes compliment the Shirt just as much as the Shirt compliments the Shoe. Check it out at

If these V’s are as good as they say. Go get them.

The “Got Cookie?” Shirt review

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Written by J.J.
Sho’Tyme Apparel came out with another fabulous eye catching tribute tee. The “Got Cookie?” Tee pays homage to Kobe Bryant’s 4 Championship rings with the Kobe inspired ‘Cookie” Puppet holding a cookie with the statement ” Got Cookie?” printed across in Championship Yellow. You can spot the popular phrase “Doin’ Work” on the shirt of the “Cookie” Puppet.

It’s inspirational, funny, catchy, and Kobe inspired if you’re a Kobe fan. Most important, notice that it motivates you to be hungry for your goals. Until you each your goal, you’ll always be asking, “Got Cookie?” get one today, Getta Clue Downtown Plaza, Getta Clue in Arden, Verse boutique, Oakland, and Workmens Balance L.A.(Coming SOON).

You Saw it this weekend Dec 26th at Arco. Be on the Look out!
The “Got Cookie?” Shirt will debut at the Lakers Kings Game in L.A.
See you there!