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Scottie Pippen: Hall of Fame 2010

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Written by J.J.

Hey fellow readers.  Sorry being absent but things are pretty hectic.  Ben Working overtime with the Fall line up, Photoshoots lining up, and New Uniforms for Bay Area’s Tenacious D basketball Team. So Stay tuned…. But now….

As we know,  Scottie Pippen of Chicago Bulls has been inducted to the Hall of fame Class of 2010. It has been long over due and I am excited Pip got in to the HOF.  I always watched the Bulls when I was a young. Like many young Bulls fan, I tried to copy MJs fadeaway and up and under reverse layups.  I never appreciated the finer things Scottie Pippen has done for the Bulls during their 6 Championship runs. Until I revisited the Game 1 of the Bulls vs. Pacers playoff series in 1998.  Scottie, if you ever read this…I play defense because of you.

Where there is a Jordan, who is the “Man”…. Scottie nonetheless is also the “Man” in his own right. Creating Defensive havoc  on opposing guards with his 6′ 8 frame and 7’o wingspan.  On the Offensive end, he has the vision to see up the court for the pass, the skills to knock down the long three, the speed to blow by bigger defenders and the footwork and skill sets to post up on Smaller players.

Many people ask, without Pippen, will Jordan win an NBA Championship, let alone 6?  No. But I also have to add on, without Jordan, Will Pippen win 6 Championships?  No.   I can say Both great Players Complimented each other on the Floor.  Defensively and Offensively. They challenged each other during practice, they competed against each other.  In result,  they played…together, and won, and won, and won some more.

Watching Pippen’s Hall of Fame speech, the person who introduced him was none other than, Michael Jordan.  It was fitting.  I had a smile on my face when I saw that.  Such respect between the two players, team mates, and friends.  A great induction indeed.

Congrats to Scottie Pippen, Hall of Fame class of 2010.



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Written by J.J.

Bring back the toys.  I remembered when toys were not as detailed back then.  Starting Line figurines were one of the first toys for  collectors.  Today, figurines have been upgraded.  Korean designer Cool rain has designed a set of Mindstyle’s NBA figurines that can be purchased later in the fourth quarter.  Looking at the pictures, they look awesome.  I am also a big fan of  Macfarlane Toys where the NBA players are well detailed.

Mindstyle NBA figurines are on my radar when they release them.  Are you going to get some??????  Just imagine, releasing the Bulls Championship team Set.  Oh YEAH!!!!


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Inspired by Kobe Bryant’s  Dedication, and Passion for the Game.

TWO of the Hottest Sho’Tyme Apparel Shirts packaged and delivered in time for you “Kobe”experience.

Available only at and selected retailers

iVogue: Sho’Tyme Apparel in L.A.

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iVogue:Sho’Tyme Apparel in L.A.

Written by J.J

Trying to Work on the Toronto Documentary and I wound up heading down to L.A. to say hi to my So Cal Natives. But everything has it’s reasons right?   WE MADE IT…WE ARE OFFICIALLY IN L.A. Sho’Tyme Lifestyle and Performance Apparel is now in Los Angeles, California. So if you are in the area, be sure to check out iVOGUE boutique on Melrose Ave.

iVogue boutique located at 7561 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, Ca 90046

will be carrying our product line. So if you are missing our favorite Don’t Dream Shirt, or the Doin’ Work shirt.    Definitely hit up this boutique.  For more information, visit

KOBE V MJ Tribute My Heroes Pack

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KOBE V MJ Tribute My Heroes Pack

Written by J.J

The Kobe V’s are an excellent low top basketball shoe to wear on the court. I took some time and tweaked it with the nike id. What I am looking as is a Kobe Version of the Lebron Heroes pack. If you haven’t seen it I will send pics of it momentarily. I designed two versions. The first Version follows a similar colorway as the Lebron VII Heroes Pack. The second version involves the more traditional
Jordan retro 11 ( Varsity red). Enjoy and please send me some feedback. Cheers.

Get a total customization experience at You can customize colors and materials for a totally unique take on kicks, T-shirts and more. Start customizing now at

Get a total customization experience at You can customize colors and materials for a totally unique take on kicks, T-shirts and more. Start customizing now at

Sho’Tyme Apparel Sho’Case at local AAU Team Spaghetti Feed

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Sho’Tyme Apparel Sho’Case at local AAU Team Spaghetti Feed

Written by J.J

Recapping a Fun 2 hours at the Spaghetti Feed.
Being able to Sho’Case and Market our Sho’tyme Custom Uniforms at The San Francisco CCU Tournament in the morning and come back to Sho’Case our collaboration tee with the AAU Yellow Jackets Basketball team was great from the beginning of the day to the end of the day. Being able to reach out and work with a Local Organization was very rewarding for all the guys at Sho’Tyme Apparel. I took the time to reacap the day as it went by.
6AM: Double Check all YJ shirts, Sho’Tyme Shirts packed and ready for tonight
9AM: Head out for CCU Basketball Tournament in South San Francisco
10:00AM: Meet and greet players, coaches, putting the jerseys on and drawing some attention
11:30PM : Game time (win)
2:30PM: Game time (win)
6:00PM: Back in Sacramento Loading and Heading over to Allen Hight Elementary Muli-Purpose Room3200 N. Park Drive *
Sacramento, CA 95835
6:30PM:Got the booth set up and ready to go
Between 7-9 PM: Sho’Tyme Apparel in full effect!!!!

2 Time Olympian and Former Sacramento Monarchs player Ruthie Bolton-Holyfield deliveing a great speech.

The Exclusive Sho’Tyme x Yellow Jackets Collabo Tee

The Don’t Dream Cement Edition Tee

One of our creative directors, J posing with Devon Jones, President and founder of the Yellow Jackets Organization

Doin’ Work

I get the easy part. Taking pictures.

J sneaking in another picture. This time with Sacramento Kings MC Armon.

Thank you to the Parents, coaches, relatives and proud supporters of the Yellow Jackets family for supporting Sho’Tyme Apparel and The Yellow Jackets Organization by purchasing our exclusive collaboration Tee. If you Missed out, don’t worry. This exclusive Collaboration tee will be available for online orders at here at

Sho’Tyme Apparel 2010 Catalog

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Written by J.J.

Here’s a quick look at our Spring Catalog…