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Scottie Pippen: Hall of Fame 2010

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Written by J.J.

Hey fellow readers.  Sorry being absent but things are pretty hectic.  Ben Working overtime with the Fall line up, Photoshoots lining up, and New Uniforms for Bay Area’s Tenacious D basketball Team. So Stay tuned…. But now….

As we know,  Scottie Pippen of Chicago Bulls has been inducted to the Hall of fame Class of 2010. It has been long over due and I am excited Pip got in to the HOF.  I always watched the Bulls when I was a young. Like many young Bulls fan, I tried to copy MJs fadeaway and up and under reverse layups.  I never appreciated the finer things Scottie Pippen has done for the Bulls during their 6 Championship runs. Until I revisited the Game 1 of the Bulls vs. Pacers playoff series in 1998.  Scottie, if you ever read this…I play defense because of you.

Where there is a Jordan, who is the “Man”…. Scottie nonetheless is also the “Man” in his own right. Creating Defensive havoc  on opposing guards with his 6′ 8 frame and 7’o wingspan.  On the Offensive end, he has the vision to see up the court for the pass, the skills to knock down the long three, the speed to blow by bigger defenders and the footwork and skill sets to post up on Smaller players.

Many people ask, without Pippen, will Jordan win an NBA Championship, let alone 6?  No. But I also have to add on, without Jordan, Will Pippen win 6 Championships?  No.   I can say Both great Players Complimented each other on the Floor.  Defensively and Offensively. They challenged each other during practice, they competed against each other.  In result,  they played…together, and won, and won, and won some more.

Watching Pippen’s Hall of Fame speech, the person who introduced him was none other than, Michael Jordan.  It was fitting.  I had a smile on my face when I saw that.  Such respect between the two players, team mates, and friends.  A great induction indeed.

Congrats to Scottie Pippen, Hall of Fame class of 2010.


You Got Rondo’D:Rajon Rondo

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YOU GOT RONDO’D:  Rajon Rondo

Written by J.J.

At 6’1, broad shoulders , full of speed, ball control, and craftiness, Rajon Rondo has emerged as a great point guard for the Celtic’s organization ( Just ask Jason Williams in the Orlando playoffs).  He does everything…Assists, Rebounding, Defense, and then Scoring.    I mentioned scoring last because NBA teams have to worry about Pierce, KG, and Jesus ( Allen).  Well guess what…. You better put Rondo in the mix.  Otherwise, you’re gonna get “Rondo’D”.

After a year hiatus from the NBA finals, Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo has worked hard enough to become one of the best point guards in league and in the NBA Finals.  Leading Boston to a win  in Game 2 of the NBA Finals with a Triple Double, his play has garnered enough attention where  people began saying ” You Got Rondo’d.”   Get the ball to his hands and let him run the team.  Good Call Doc’ Rivers…Game 1 and game 2 of the Finals have already gone by, we’re guaranteed to watch at least three more…in Boston.  Game 3 is….today.  Relive some of the key moments Rajon Rondo has put out in the Celtic’s  playoff run.  Enjoy.

Orlando ” Got Rondo’D”

Dwight Howard didn’t want to get ” Rondo’d”

Because he did last year.

Game 2 2010 NBA Finals

GAME 3  begins JUNE 8Th.  Let the Games continue  and AMAZING happen.


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Written by J.J.

Toughness, Mentally and Physically. One person that comes to mind is Manu Ginobli of the San Antonio Spurs. Simply state: Tough. He gets his nose broken by Dirk Nowitzki’s elbow ( look at 0:35 when he sits). He comes back in after 5:00 minutes of rest and plays the rest of the game.

In case you forgot how crafty this guy is, check out his mix.

Kevin Durant on Kobe Bryant

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Written by J.J

Humble and respectful, Kevin Durant commented on statements made about Kobe Bryant’s faltering impact during the playoffs. Are there signs of Kobe slipping? I mean with his age, number of nagging injuries, and miles he’s been putting on basketball during the off season?

The Thunder wouldn’t mind if that were true, but Kevin Durant(notes) took offense to the suggestion that his favorite NBA player was slipping.

“You kill me, man,” Durant said. “Y’all coming to me with this? Kobe Bryant is the best player in the league, one of the best players in the world. You’re talking to me like playing a phenomenal game is something he doesn’t do. He’s Kobe Bryant. He’s going to come out and lead his team. He’s been doing this for 12, 13 years.

Though it may seem statistically, Kobe still gets his. And Kevin Durant is Rising amongst the ranks of Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Melo, and Howard. Kenny Smith’s comment about Durant Surpassing Kobe and Lebron may be true after all. KD has the Silent Swagger that is well….So cool it’s ICE

Contest!!!: We all have a little of Mike in US

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We all have a little of Mike in US
Written by J.J.

Michael Jordan, believe or not lives in every body. From the kid who bought a pair of Jordan’s to the kid who watches old video’s of Mike in his prime; the kid who wear’s purple and gold and pulls off a perfect M.J. fade away jumper; the kid who everybody call’s the “King.” You can be his ultimate fan, or just hated him when he made the game winner in Utah. Believe or not , we all tried to imitate his moves, wear the shoes, even stick our tongues out to show some swag like him. If you think you have the best Michael Jordan imitation. You should check out our contest for a free giveaway.
We all have a little bit of Mike in US

Kobe Bryant’s Imitation of Michael Jordan

Lebron James’ Imitation of Michael Jordan at the 1:07

Sho’Tyme Apparel will be Giving Away A Limited EditionDoin’ Work 23” Shirt for the contestant who submits the best Michael Jordan imitation, pose, video on our fan page on FACEBOOK

Kevin Durant: Durantula!!!

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Kevin Durant: Durantula!!!

Written by J.J.

Kevin Durant is relentless. Watch his focus…Blocking Aaron Affalo’s layup with one shoe on. Aaron, you should have tried to dunk on him. Either Way though, you’re gonna get blocked by KD’s 7 foot winspan. Enjoy.

Tim Hardaway, the man who perfected the Crossover

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Time Hardaway, the man who perfected the Crossover
Written by J.J.
I remember i used to practice this everyday as a kid because it was the craziest move on the block. Before Allen Iverson, there was Tim Hardaway. And his move was legal…No palming… Sorry A.I. Your Cross was sick, but the league ruled palming.
The U-Tep 2 Step. Enjoy Timmy Hardaway’s sickest Crossover. Aside from his comments about Homophobia and being hated on by the league for his comments, you cannot deny his contributions to the Goldenstate Warriors and Miami Heat. So ” No Homo,” like Kanye said, just watch the Video. Enjoy.

In case you want some step by step instructions. Here you Go.

Start Practicing.