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Kpryto-Nate takes Down the “Big Shaq-tus”

Posted in For Serious????, Moves, The Daily on February 7, 2010 by shotymeapparel

Kpryto-Nate takes Down the “Big Shaq-tus”

Written by J.J

I’ve seen it all. Shaq has blocked a lot of players. So has Nate Robinson….


Tim Hardaway, the man who perfected the Crossover

Posted in Moves, Remember the Name, The Daily on January 29, 2010 by shotymeapparel

Time Hardaway, the man who perfected the Crossover
Written by J.J.
I remember i used to practice this everyday as a kid because it was the craziest move on the block. Before Allen Iverson, there was Tim Hardaway. And his move was legal…No palming… Sorry A.I. Your Cross was sick, but the league ruled palming.
The U-Tep 2 Step. Enjoy Timmy Hardaway’s sickest Crossover. Aside from his comments about Homophobia and being hated on by the league for his comments, you cannot deny his contributions to the Goldenstate Warriors and Miami Heat. So ” No Homo,” like Kanye said, just watch the Video. Enjoy.

In case you want some step by step instructions. Here you Go.

Start Practicing.


Posted in For Serious????, Moves, The Daily on December 30, 2009 by shotymeapparel

Written by Ronnie Lau

Wassup everybody! Hope everyone had a good and safe Christmas or holidays. So today, as I was searching for basketball clips, and I came across some ridiculous video of the craziest basketball shots that I have ever seen. After watching this, I thought I’d share this because I think anything is possible.

-“Don’t Dream, Make It Happen.” =D

I really wonder how do people come up with these trick shots and how many times does it take?lol

If you have even crazier shots, send it to

KOBE BRYANT: A Black Mamba Moment

Posted in Moves, Remember the Name on December 6, 2009 by shotymeapparel

Written by J.J

I am just cranking up serious of Basketball posts of late. Number 24’s greatness has again proven itself. Kobe Bryant ends the game in fashion with a runner off the bank over the outstretched arms of Dwyane Wade. Yes, Kobe turned on Black Mambe Mode and just struck the Heat with a one point lost.

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Sho’Tyme Apparel X DunkXChange SF THIS WEEKEND!!!!

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Everyone that hits up our booths gets a special retro card. See everyone there!!!!

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Nov.28 Top 5 plays: Williams vs. Williams

Posted in Moves on November 29, 2009 by shotymeapparel

The number one and two spots featured on last nights top 5 plays of the night were clearly reversed. Utah Jazz point guard, Deron Williams’ nifty no look pass to Carlos Boozer was impressive but it was not worthy of the number one spot. The number one spot clearly should have gone to Cleveland’s Maurice Williams and his relentless effort to pass and receive the ball for the three points. If anyone worked harder to get a shot off, I have to give it to Maurice Williams. Yes, Delfino’s block was nasty, Warrick’s dunk was thunderous, and Shannon Brown continues his dunk application. Maurice Williams though, is my number one pick for top play of the night. Drop your Comments!!!!


Posted in Moves on November 24, 2009 by shotymeapparel

In the latest edition of moves, the “oohs and ahs” shifted to Derrick Rose and Greg Oden. I am not going to say much on this subject because the commentator on the game didn’t say much when Derrick Rose….(speechless, just watch)

enjoy your Tuesday. get your Turkey’s ready, there’s a feast on Thursday.