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Kobe and Jay

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by J.J

Two major mega stars in their own right, NBA champion Kobe Bryant and International Singer/Actor Jay Chou has done it again.  Check out their new Sprite Commercial together.



Here is the making of the commercial.  How many times does Jay have to be blocked?  by the way, Jay’s got some streetball moves courtesy of the And 1 influence.  Kobe got his.  Jay, At least he got the best of it with the skate board dunk.  Okay I have to go by some Sprite now.




Nate Robinson-A Frozen Moment Parody

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The Boston Celtic game vs. New York Knicks in New York, at the Garden.  The crowd. the atmosphere.what a game.

The game went down to the last wandering seconds. Paul Pierce, one the the best closers in the game today accomplished another night of work.  Hitting big shots in the closing seconds of the game.  We all know what happened.  What I’m about to show you is the celebration after hitting the big shot.  Nate Robinson, leaped over Pierce in the act of celebration and Fall. face flat on the floor.  At the time, it felt like whatevers…but a fellow youtuber did a great job making a Frozen Moment Video if the event.  And, I have to say…. thumbs up .


Great video inspired from Michael Jordan’s frozen commercial.


NBA Bans Air Jord…..”Athletic Propulsion Labs Shoes?!?!?”

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Hey guy,  J.J. back online after disappearing for sometime.  But have you heard about the latest news…..25 years ago today, the NBA banned Nike’s Black and Red Air Jordan 1’s.

Today, October 19, 2010,  NBA Commissioner David Stern bans yet another Shoe.  They are not Nike, Adidas, or even any of the Chinese Shoe Companies, but a shoe designed by little start up company, Athletic Propulsion Labs.

The claims to the shoe is that it’s technology would increase the wearer’s vertical leap.  In other words, there is a spring loaded technology within the shoe that allows a wearer to …”jump higher.”

For the first time in its 64-year history, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has banned a new line of shoes based on the league’s rule against an “unfair competitive advantage” that increases a player’s vertical leap. The league’s ban on Athletic Propulsion Labs’ Concept 1 confirms the company’s claims that the shoe, with its Load ‘N LaunchTM Technology, performs as advertised. No professional player will be allowed to wear the product in games for the upcoming 2010-2011 NBA season.

This action comes on the 25th anniversary of the NBA’s ban on Nike’s Air Jordan shoes, albeit for reasons of their colorful appearance rather than any performance advantage.

Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) was notified by a senior NBA official who stated, “League rules regulate the footwear that players may wear during an NBA game. Under league rules, players may not wear any shoe during a game ‘that creates an undue competitive advantage (e.g., to increase a player’s vertical leap).’ In light of that rule…players will not be permitted to wear the APL shoes during NBA games.”

The shoe’s retail for $300.00.  A lot of people wouldn’t even bother to check this shoe out, even with the countless magazine advertisements.  But, thanks to the NBA….$300.00 to satisfy the curiosity and the thought of Jumping higher after wearing these shoes seems so… reasonable. Thank you David Sterns, Like the Balance Wrist band’s effectiveness of Strengthening the Body, you have successfully marketed a shoe that promotes increased vertical propulsion (jumping) enhancement to the wearer. What do you know… it’s started already…..  Check out their website…

I will accept donations to by a pair and tryout the product.  You can me email at subject:attn J.J.  I will personally Set up a test for this shoe:  YouTube,  Actual measurements, specific trials on the shoe’s capabilities, you name it…..

Founders,  Adam and Ryan Goldston, both former University of Southern California basketball walk-ons, have yet to make a statement.

But, why say something when someone like David Sterns has already said it all.  Just because the NBA bans it, other professional sports haven’t yet.  Certainly not highschool, or College Sports….( Light bulb guys…) APL has just gotten BIGGER!!!!!


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Written by J.J.

Toughness, Mentally and Physically. One person that comes to mind is Manu Ginobli of the San Antonio Spurs. Simply state: Tough. He gets his nose broken by Dirk Nowitzki’s elbow ( look at 0:35 when he sits). He comes back in after 5:00 minutes of rest and plays the rest of the game.

In case you forgot how crafty this guy is, check out his mix.

For Serious!!!! The Business Card Ninja

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For Serious!!! The Business Card Ninja
Written by J.J.

enjoy this light post away from basketball. Yes….Butler all the way!!!!!
I know this has nothing to do with basketball, but it has to do with the lifestyle motto: Don’t Dream Make it Happen.
His dedication and passion of well throwing business cards has gotten world wide attention. Now i don’t know if Samsung developed some sort of target aiming technology, this guy is pretty accurate. Business Card ninjas aren’t born over night, but they can be made with some hard work, dedication and passion. Check it out.

Touching is Good for You

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Touching is Good for You
Written by J.J.

Looking at the Title, some of you are thinking: ” What in the name….” Yes the title is called, ” Touching is Good for You.” Stop your over imagining your thoughts now. I am referring to Sports, namely basketball. The art of the high fives, chest bumps, fist bumps, etc. go hand in hand with winning teams. The Lakers, Cavs, Celtics all have been…well… “touchy.”You can continue to read on with the published article. Yes, there is a published article on this matter.

Benedict Carey reports in The New York Times:

Michael W. Kraus led a research team that coded every bump, hug and high five in a single game played by each team in the National Basketball Association early last season.

In a paper due out this year in the journal Emotion, Mr. Kraus and his co-authors, Cassy Huang and Dr. Keltner, report that with a few exceptions, good teams tended to be touchier than bad ones. The most touch-bonded teams were the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, currently two of the league’s top teams; at the bottom were the mediocre Sacramento Kings and Charlotte Bobcats.

The same was true, more or less, for players. The touchiest player was Kevin Garnett, the Celtics’ star big man, followed by star forwards Chris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors and Carlos Boozer of the Utah Jazz. “Within 600 milliseconds of shooting a free throw, Garnett has reached out and touched four guys,” Dr. Keltner said.

To correct for the possibility that the better teams touch more often simply because they are winning, the researchers rated performance based not on points or victories but on a sophisticated measure of how efficiently players and teams managed the ball — their ratio of assists to giveaways, for example. And even after the high expectations surrounding the more talented teams were taken into account, the correlation persisted. Players who made contact with teammates most consistently and longest tended to rate highest on measures of performance, and the teams with those players seemed to get the most out of their talent.
A simple handshake, innocent pat on the back is a sign of greeting ,encouragement, and bonding. I agree, sometimes overdoing it may give a sense of ” gayness,” amongst the guys, but it’s bonding. Appropriately govern yourselves.
Well….If you are a New Jersey Net, it’s time to find another way to win ball games….Why not begin with a high five or two.

“Check This”: A McDonald’s Commercial for every hoop head

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“Check This”: A McDonald’s Commercial for every hoop head

Written by J.J.
When I saw the original inspiration for this commercial I was having a blast watching two of my favorite basketball players going at it. Today, LeBron James and Dwight Howard took to the hardwood for this recent pre-Super Bowl XLIV commercial titled “Check This” for McDonalds. This new commercial featured more swag and attitude as Lebron and Dwight Go at it…”No Jumpshots.” Enjoy the New School Vid, then enjoy the old school vid.

Now let’s look at the Old School version With Michael Jordan and Larry Bird…”No Dunking.”