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Scottie Pippen: Hall of Fame 2010

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Written by J.J.

Hey fellow readers.  Sorry being absent but things are pretty hectic.  Ben Working overtime with the Fall line up, Photoshoots lining up, and New Uniforms for Bay Area’s Tenacious D basketball Team. So Stay tuned…. But now….

As we know,  Scottie Pippen of Chicago Bulls has been inducted to the Hall of fame Class of 2010. It has been long over due and I am excited Pip got in to the HOF.  I always watched the Bulls when I was a young. Like many young Bulls fan, I tried to copy MJs fadeaway and up and under reverse layups.  I never appreciated the finer things Scottie Pippen has done for the Bulls during their 6 Championship runs. Until I revisited the Game 1 of the Bulls vs. Pacers playoff series in 1998.  Scottie, if you ever read this…I play defense because of you.

Where there is a Jordan, who is the “Man”…. Scottie nonetheless is also the “Man” in his own right. Creating Defensive havoc  on opposing guards with his 6′ 8 frame and 7’o wingspan.  On the Offensive end, he has the vision to see up the court for the pass, the skills to knock down the long three, the speed to blow by bigger defenders and the footwork and skill sets to post up on Smaller players.

Many people ask, without Pippen, will Jordan win an NBA Championship, let alone 6?  No. But I also have to add on, without Jordan, Will Pippen win 6 Championships?  No.   I can say Both great Players Complimented each other on the Floor.  Defensively and Offensively. They challenged each other during practice, they competed against each other.  In result,  they played…together, and won, and won, and won some more.

Watching Pippen’s Hall of Fame speech, the person who introduced him was none other than, Michael Jordan.  It was fitting.  I had a smile on my face when I saw that.  Such respect between the two players, team mates, and friends.  A great induction indeed.

Congrats to Scottie Pippen, Hall of Fame class of 2010.


Contest!!!: We all have a little of Mike in US

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We all have a little of Mike in US
Written by J.J.

Michael Jordan, believe or not lives in every body. From the kid who bought a pair of Jordan’s to the kid who watches old video’s of Mike in his prime; the kid who wear’s purple and gold and pulls off a perfect M.J. fade away jumper; the kid who everybody call’s the “King.” You can be his ultimate fan, or just hated him when he made the game winner in Utah. Believe or not , we all tried to imitate his moves, wear the shoes, even stick our tongues out to show some swag like him. If you think you have the best Michael Jordan imitation. You should check out our contest for a free giveaway.
We all have a little bit of Mike in US

Kobe Bryant’s Imitation of Michael Jordan

Lebron James’ Imitation of Michael Jordan at the 1:07

Sho’Tyme Apparel will be Giving Away A Limited EditionDoin’ Work 23” Shirt for the contestant who submits the best Michael Jordan imitation, pose, video on our fan page on FACEBOOK

Kevin Durant: Durantula!!!

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Kevin Durant: Durantula!!!

Written by J.J.

Kevin Durant is relentless. Watch his focus…Blocking Aaron Affalo’s layup with one shoe on. Aaron, you should have tried to dunk on him. Either Way though, you’re gonna get blocked by KD’s 7 foot winspan. Enjoy.

Why Lebron and the Cavs beat the Lakers

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Kobe was HOT (pissed off), Lakers were not
Written by J.J.

So L.A lost to Cleveland…again….That’s two times, and IF they do meet in the Finals with their identical records, Cleveland will take home court advantage. But back it up here, Cleveland beat L.A. without Mo Williams. And the first time around, Cleveland beat L.A. with Mo Williams scoring in bunches. Cleveland….Lebron…MVP.

So Why?

I got Plenty of reasons, these are in no order:

1.Lebron is Hungry, he wants a Cookie.
2.The Cavs played Hungry
3. Artest is not a Lebron Stopper
4. Pau, missed free throws
5. Cavs match up well with the Lakers
6. Lamar, Odom where are you
7. Trevor, where are… you got traded.
8. Shaq remembered what Bynum Did, Shaq always rememebers
9. Kobe seems to try too hard on the Cavs
10. Too much Kobe air time,Time for Lebron VII’s MVPuppets Commercial

Kobe’s Shoe was HOT!!!

Laker’s were not.

Remember the Name:Pretty Boy Bam Bam

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Written by J.J.
Wayne “Pretty Boy Bam Bam” Lawrence, is 7-8 years old now. The Clips are when he was 6. He began boxing since he was 2 and half years old. Now, I know a majority of my posts are either about the basketball players, street wear, new styles and etc. But I am expanding and posting up articles which I think are inspiring and motivating. Hard work and Dedication comes to mind when it’s time for Sho’Tyme. With that said, he’s been on ESPN’s First Take, The Best Damn Sports Show, Ellen Degenere’s Show, even in a Ludacris video. How amazing is this kid?
Once you watch the clips you will see.

I searched and watched three clips and I was convinced that I should cover this Kid.
He reminds me of the Chinese kids who get sent to opera school or sent to train in Shaolin. It’s amazing because all that training becomes muscle memory. All that practice becomes automatic. He will be once of the boxing greats. And yes, he can kick your a$$. Pretty boy Bam Bam. Remember the Name.

Retrograde:Dan Majerle

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Written by J.J
Dan Majerle a.k.a “Thunder Dan” might have been one of the nicknames that just coincide with a cartoon character like Deputy Dawg or Woody Woodpecker. Dan Majerle played for the Phoenix Suns throughout his career and really became a hometown hero. His all out hustle, three point shooting and one handed Thunder Dunks really brought the Fun in the Sun. Enjoy a Clip of Dan Majerle


It’s Mine- Written by J.J.

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Written by J.J.
2010 is approaching and I am grateful to have all my friends and loved ones around. You know who you are. Thank you for those who believed that Sho’Tyme Apparel will be a force in the upcoming year. More projects and bigger things are unfolding. As for Me, I am happy to finally have started something I believe in.
This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for my friends who believed me and backed me up on this. Most importantly, I wanted to give credit to Jada, my ex-girlfriend, and my closest friend who encouraged and pushed me to pursue this dream. If you’re reading this, I want to let you know I’ll be there for you and I am happy that you’re happy. Life must go on, and goals must be met ” Don’t Dream…Make it Happen.”
This is J.J. I wish everyone a Happy New Year. I will see everyone in 2010.
I leave everyone a gift, something I wrote that reflected my 2009. Enjoy.

It’s Mine- Written by J.J

2009- the Highest of High, the Lowest of Low.
Promising in the beginning, But results came slow.
You thought you can make it happen in time. She can’t wait forever.
So Love fell for you, and she found another.
Alone, angered, confused. You just lost your lover.
Most importantly, a true friend for the moment. Just know, it won’t be lost forever.
So Get your shit straight son. And everything will be back together.
That you is me,
that me is I,
Damn…. I don’t have time to cry.
Too much to do, to accomplish.
I will survive.
Heartbreaks, heartaches. Friendships lost.
Friendships form each day.
Everyone be safe, have fun and stay out of Harm’s way.
A true roller coaster of life in 2009 for me. For all I know it’s coming to an end.
I feel it, 2010 is gonna be a godsend
So bye bye 2009
I’m ready for a new a year, 2010.