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iVogue: Sho’Tyme Apparel in L.A.

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iVogue:Sho’Tyme Apparel in L.A.

Written by J.J

Trying to Work on the Toronto Documentary and I wound up heading down to L.A. to say hi to my So Cal Natives. But everything has it’s reasons right?   WE MADE IT…WE ARE OFFICIALLY IN L.A. Sho’Tyme Lifestyle and Performance Apparel is now in Los Angeles, California. So if you are in the area, be sure to check out iVOGUE boutique on Melrose Ave.

iVogue boutique located at 7561 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, Ca 90046

will be carrying our product line. So if you are missing our favorite Don’t Dream Shirt, or the Doin’ Work shirt.    Definitely hit up this boutique.  For more information, visit

The NBA Finals: Will to Win

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Written by J.J.

GAME 5 in Boston.  You can see it in the Celtic’s eyes.  Every defensive play, every play, every bucket scored comes from the heart.  A feeling of inner fire released in a  loud roar  From the first player to the last player.  You can see it.  Sense it, and if you are in front of Glen Davis in Game 4 , you can definitely feel  it( The guy was yelling so loud drool was all over his mouth).    The sense of urgency, the sense of hunger.  Simply put it as a Will to Win.  They wanted game 5 in Boston and the did.  Pierce, Allen, Garnet, Robinson, Rondo all did their things.  They played Defense, made their rotations and came together when it counted.   When you see a team together late in this series in this series, you see the Boston Celtics I see NBA Champions.

The Lakers can learn a thing or two with the Lakers.

Defensively,  the Lakers have to wake up.  Milk Carton defense, that is what the Laker’s defense has been referred to.

The idea of this moment becoming too enormous for the Lakers troubles him. “Just man up and play,” Bryant sniffed. “What’s the big deal? If I have to say something to them, then we don’t deserve to be champions.”

They seem to have lost their Game 1 and 3 momentum and fell off the face of the earth.  What will it take?

Kobe Bryant cannot do it all himself.  He can score 35 points, but that’s not going to help if everyone else is not confident with the ball. The Celtics Defense clearly attacks Kobe when he has the ball.   Kobe still makes his shots because he is…Kobe Bryant.  Yes you cannot Stop Kobe Bryant, but you can play defense, wear him down and contain him.  That means the 4 other guys, Pau, Ron, Drew, and Derek  have to go to work on Defense and Offense.

Hunger=Sense of Urgency= Will to Win

What is this Hunger? This sense of urgency? This will to Win?  It’s the insatiable feeling that an individuals have to succeed.  Kobe Bryant has it, you can see his focus.  But you know what? Besides Kobe, Derekk Fisher is  the other player who I have they will lose game 6. To win you need this.  Stop looking pretty and glamorous and play basketball.  Play hard nose, elbow throwing, jaw dropping, tenacious d-ing I want to win basketball.  It’s the Finals, all odds are on the Lakers.  There can only be one champion, and if the Lakers don’t step up….The 2010 NBA Champions will be…. the Boston Celtics

We don’t need this…

We need this….

Game 6 Tuesday June 15th, 2010.  Back in L.A.  see you guys then.

You Got Rondo’D:Rajon Rondo

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YOU GOT RONDO’D:  Rajon Rondo

Written by J.J.

At 6’1, broad shoulders , full of speed, ball control, and craftiness, Rajon Rondo has emerged as a great point guard for the Celtic’s organization ( Just ask Jason Williams in the Orlando playoffs).  He does everything…Assists, Rebounding, Defense, and then Scoring.    I mentioned scoring last because NBA teams have to worry about Pierce, KG, and Jesus ( Allen).  Well guess what…. You better put Rondo in the mix.  Otherwise, you’re gonna get “Rondo’D”.

After a year hiatus from the NBA finals, Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo has worked hard enough to become one of the best point guards in league and in the NBA Finals.  Leading Boston to a win  in Game 2 of the NBA Finals with a Triple Double, his play has garnered enough attention where  people began saying ” You Got Rondo’d.”   Get the ball to his hands and let him run the team.  Good Call Doc’ Rivers…Game 1 and game 2 of the Finals have already gone by, we’re guaranteed to watch at least three more…in Boston.  Game 3 is….today.  Relive some of the key moments Rajon Rondo has put out in the Celtic’s  playoff run.  Enjoy.

Orlando ” Got Rondo’D”

Dwight Howard didn’t want to get ” Rondo’d”

Because he did last year.

Game 2 2010 NBA Finals

GAME 3  begins JUNE 8Th.  Let the Games continue  and AMAZING happen.

Kobe Bryant: All Together Now Video

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All Together Now Video

Written by J.J.

Game 1 2010 NBA Finals: Lakers Win

Kobe’s and the Laker’s Strive for Five Continues with this new Nike Commercial.  Notice Lebron is NOT in the Video. Okay so he is in the video.  Better Luck next year Bron’.  Keep Doin’ Work Kobe.  Game 2 Begins on Sunday June 6, 2010.