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TORONTO: Sho’Tyme Apparel

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Toronto: It Begins

Written by J.J

Toronto…is Here!!! This is just the beginning of a great trip.    I am updating this blog while waiting for my flight here to SF, then off to Toronto.  I am excited to Showcase Sho’Tyme Apparel out in  Toronto  for the Week.  We’ll be arrivin in late night and staying at Niagara Falls for a couple days.   Then, it’s off to Toronto, Canada for the NACBAIT BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT!!!

Team Cali Davis Dynasty will be wearing our Sho’Tyme  Jerseys along with their Customized Dynasty Jerseys.  Not only that We’ll also be working on footage for a documentary that follows this tournament and the players that are in it.  It is going to be a challenging week ahead.  But everything will be well worth it.


Jared Dudley’s incredibly fast hands

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Jared Dudley’s Incredibly fast hands

Written by J.J.

Kobe, you’re good.  It’s even okay to showoff.  Since it’s the playoffs, I don’t know if you should have done it.  Jared Dudley was ready.  Pocket picked.  Nuff ‘ said

A Crown for Brown.

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Written by J.J.

NBA Semi Finals can’t get any better.  Kobe gets his 40 points and remains a dominant force in the playoffs.  All those talks about him being old are out the door.  But…the night belonged to one of  Shannon Brown’s Dunks, “the Free Throw line Stuffing .”  The crowd’s reaction said it all.


Goran the “Dragon” Dragic

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Written by J.J

The NBA playoffs ever ceases to amaze me.  Any given day, any givine time, when you are given the oppurtunity…you shine.  And that is what 2nd Year player Goran Dragic has achieved in the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs.  The Crafty left hander scored 26 points in the second half against the Spurs.  His role with the Suns will be huge tonight against the Lakers tonight.