Why Lebron and the Cavs beat the Lakers

Kobe was HOT (pissed off), Lakers were not
Written by J.J.

So L.A lost to Cleveland…again….That’s two times, and IF they do meet in the Finals with their identical records, Cleveland will take home court advantage. But back it up here, Cleveland beat L.A. without Mo Williams. And the first time around, Cleveland beat L.A. with Mo Williams scoring in bunches. Cleveland….Lebron…MVP.

So Why?

I got Plenty of reasons, these are in no order:

1.Lebron is Hungry, he wants a Cookie.
2.The Cavs played Hungry
3. Artest is not a Lebron Stopper
4. Pau, missed free throws
5. Cavs match up well with the Lakers
6. Lamar, Odom where are you
7. Trevor, where are… you got traded.
8. Shaq remembered what Bynum Did, Shaq always rememebers
9. Kobe seems to try too hard on the Cavs
10. Too much Kobe air time,Time for Lebron VII’s MVPuppets Commercial

Kobe’s Shoe was HOT!!!

Laker’s were not.


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