Remember the Name:Pretty Boy Bam Bam

Written by J.J.
Wayne “Pretty Boy Bam Bam” Lawrence, is 7-8 years old now. The Clips are when he was 6. He began boxing since he was 2 and half years old. Now, I know a majority of my posts are either about the basketball players, street wear, new styles and etc. But I am expanding and posting up articles which I think are inspiring and motivating. Hard work and Dedication comes to mind when it’s time for Sho’Tyme. With that said, he’s been on ESPN’s First Take, The Best Damn Sports Show, Ellen Degenere’s Show, even in a Ludacris video. How amazing is this kid?
Once you watch the clips you will see.

I searched and watched three clips and I was convinced that I should cover this Kid.
He reminds me of the Chinese kids who get sent to opera school or sent to train in Shaolin. It’s amazing because all that training becomes muscle memory. All that practice becomes automatic. He will be once of the boxing greats. And yes, he can kick your a$$. Pretty boy Bam Bam. Remember the Name.


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