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It’s Mine- Written by J.J.

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Written by J.J.
2010 is approaching and I am grateful to have all my friends and loved ones around. You know who you are. Thank you for those who believed that Sho’Tyme Apparel will be a force in the upcoming year. More projects and bigger things are unfolding. As for Me, I am happy to finally have started something I believe in.
This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for my friends who believed me and backed me up on this. Most importantly, I wanted to give credit to Jada, my ex-girlfriend, and my closest friend who encouraged and pushed me to pursue this dream. If you’re reading this, I want to let you know I’ll be there for you and I am happy that you’re happy. Life must go on, and goals must be met ” Don’t Dream…Make it Happen.”
This is J.J. I wish everyone a Happy New Year. I will see everyone in 2010.
I leave everyone a gift, something I wrote that reflected my 2009. Enjoy.

It’s Mine- Written by J.J

2009- the Highest of High, the Lowest of Low.
Promising in the beginning, But results came slow.
You thought you can make it happen in time. She can’t wait forever.
So Love fell for you, and she found another.
Alone, angered, confused. You just lost your lover.
Most importantly, a true friend for the moment. Just know, it won’t be lost forever.
So Get your shit straight son. And everything will be back together.
That you is me,
that me is I,
Damn…. I don’t have time to cry.
Too much to do, to accomplish.
I will survive.
Heartbreaks, heartaches. Friendships lost.
Friendships form each day.
Everyone be safe, have fun and stay out of Harm’s way.
A true roller coaster of life in 2009 for me. For all I know it’s coming to an end.
I feel it, 2010 is gonna be a godsend
So bye bye 2009
I’m ready for a new a year, 2010.


Ronny Turiaf Talks to Kobe before the game

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Written By J.J.

Turiaf:Hey Kobe:
Kobe: What’s up Ronnie.
Turiaf: Hey uh, you know we’re gonna play each other tonight.
Kobe: Oh Yeah.
Turiaf: I was wondering if you could help me out.
Kobe: Sure, You’re my homie. Hyperdunk commercials, we go way back.
Turiaf: Let me block you tonight.
Kobe:…No problem. I’ll let my boy look good.
Turiaf: Thanks, you da man Kobe.
What was seen after the block…44 Kobe Bryant points, and a Lakers Win. But ya’ll just wanna see the block. Enjoy.


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Written by Ronnie Lau

Wassup everybody! Hope everyone had a good and safe Christmas or holidays. So today, as I was searching for basketball clips, and I came across some ridiculous video of the craziest basketball shots that I have ever seen. After watching this, I thought I’d share this because I think anything is possible.

-“Don’t Dream, Make It Happen.” =D

I really wonder how do people come up with these trick shots and how many times does it take?lol

If you have even crazier shots, send it to

The “Got Cookie?” Shirt review

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Written by J.J.
Sho’Tyme Apparel came out with another fabulous eye catching tribute tee. The “Got Cookie?” Tee pays homage to Kobe Bryant’s 4 Championship rings with the Kobe inspired ‘Cookie” Puppet holding a cookie with the statement ” Got Cookie?” printed across in Championship Yellow. You can spot the popular phrase “Doin’ Work” on the shirt of the “Cookie” Puppet.

It’s inspirational, funny, catchy, and Kobe inspired if you’re a Kobe fan. Most important, notice that it motivates you to be hungry for your goals. Until you each your goal, you’ll always be asking, “Got Cookie?” get one today, Getta Clue Downtown Plaza, Getta Clue in Arden, Verse boutique, Oakland, and Workmens Balance L.A.(Coming SOON).

You Saw it this weekend Dec 26th at Arco. Be on the Look out!
The “Got Cookie?” Shirt will debut at the Lakers Kings Game in L.A.
See you there!

A King James’ Christmas

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Written by J.J

First of All I want to say Merry Christmas to you all. What an exciting day for basketball. You have a Preview of three eastern Conference teams capable of being in the Finals and one Western Conference team that has just won the Finals. The Lakers, the Magic, the Celtics, and the Cavaliers. The Most anticipated game of the season brings two of the most popular players on the planet together: Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James.
Tonight, King James got the better of the two. The Cavs played a terrific team game where their role players produced on both ends of the court. Mo Williams and Jamario Moon played big for the Cavs. With the Lakers inching closer to a come back, the Cavs refused to give up their lead. The Lakers on the other hand, received technical fouls and ejections left and right. Lamar Odom was ejected and Ron Artest fouled out. Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum couldn’t get much going. Kobe Bryant did all he could. The refs even gave Cleveland several no calls…At the sound of the final Horn. The Cavs ran away with a win. The Lakers, lost their cool and their first game since winning eleven home games. The worse was when Laker fans began booing and their water bottles and foam fingers onto the court.
This was the first time I have seen this in L.A. when you lose, you’re a sore loser.
As a team, I think this loss is pivotal for the Lakers if they were to win a second Championship. Sometimes you have to be tested, and kicked down the mountain before you can regain your rightful thrown.

As far as Wins go… Team King James 7 – Black Mambas 4.
The next showdown between the two is in January 21st, 2010 Cleveland, Ohio.
Will the Mambas Strike? Or will the King hold his court. Stay tuned.


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Written by J.J.

So unlike the a lot of sneaker heads waiting to get a crack at their pair of retro Jordans XI Space jams, I decided to order my pair online at 12 am Eastern time which is about 9am Pacific time. Well, if you don’t get them first, you won’t get them. I’ve tried three sites,,,, and you can just see how jammed pack their websites are. You think you got them, then you get these screens. I hope for the best and check back an hour. But these shoes will be gone and Nike would have made another success story with Jordan Brand….Plan A didn’t Work.

Homegirl's picture of the Space Jam Craze
This is plan B. Camping out at the Mall.

Good luck and Happy hunting.

Remember the Name: I am “TYREKE EVANS”, Rookie of the Year.

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Written by J.J.

35 points down and the Sacramento Kings Beat the Chicago Bulls. “From 35 points down”. his has been the biggest comeback in the last 13 years and of all the teams to do it. That’s right , the Sacramento Kings. But more notably, the play and leadership of Tyreke Evans.

The last month of December, he has hit every big shot, created big plays, and outplayed fellow rookie Brandon Jennings. His stats lines show his overall contribution to the team. The Kings are a game below .500. The Kings are winning without two starters, Kevin Martin (30 ppg), and Francisco Garcia.
Credit Sacramento’s new Coach Paul Whesphal for doing a good job. But Tyreke Evans has just BROUGHT EXCITEMENT back into the Heart of Sacramento fans.

Tyreke Evans, let the name be known. 2009-2010 Rookie of the Year: Tyreke Evans