Top freshman recruit in the nation, John Wall has arrived. It took 5 seconds. Five seconds and just his first game (second for his team due to his one game suspension), to capture everyone and their mama’s attention. College basketball will be watching this kid’s every move. My take is that John Wall, like Chicago Bulls guard Derrick rose, will play one year for University of Kentucky Coach, John Calipari. One year is enough, the NBA is waiting.
At 6-4, he is a point guard with blinding speed and great one on one moves. Once he develops more trust for his teammates, his play making skills will flourish. His value will shoot up like no other. As a team, the Wildcats will need to play a better defensive game as a team. For their number 4 ranking, they are a young team to be reckon with. They will have some bumps against other top rank teams, but I can see them in the NCAA Tournament. The team rides on the maturity and leadership of John Wall. Is he up to it? You tell me? Kid only played his first game and look what he did?

If you are not up to his skill sets, here is another video that will make it a believer out of you.


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