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Remember the Name: Shannon Brown

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Lakers guard, Shannon “Cannon” Brown, is hands down a SLAM DUNK Contest APPLICANT. He is the single storied highlight real that has exploded into the Scene. It’s great to be a Laker. Be sure to pause at 1:19 ( you’ll see). Enjoy the video. He’s got some “TNT”Shannon Brown, remember the name.

Nov.28 Top 5 plays: Williams vs. Williams

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The number one and two spots featured on last nights top 5 plays of the night were clearly reversed. Utah Jazz point guard, Deron Williams’ nifty no look pass to Carlos Boozer was impressive but it was not worthy of the number one spot. The number one spot clearly should have gone to Cleveland’s Maurice Williams and his relentless effort to pass and receive the ball for the three points. If anyone worked harder to get a shot off, I have to give it to Maurice Williams. Yes, Delfino’s block was nasty, Warrick’s dunk was thunderous, and Shannon Brown continues his dunk application. Maurice Williams though, is my number one pick for top play of the night. Drop your Comments!!!!

Allen Iverson: Change

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Written by J.J

One of the Latest stories hovering around the basketball world is none other than Allen Iverson’s retirement to the basketball world. Iverson was by far one of the game changing figures in media and basketball. He projected a young minded, “I will rule the world”, “no body can stop me” attitude while playing in the league. His relation with Reebok spurned countless shoe editions that trail Michael Jordan’s jordan brand. He does not have the size of Shaq, or the physical height of Lebron. While Shaq and Lebron represent the Goliaths in this last decade, Allen Iverson of course, represents David…with attitude.

I can go on talking about his accomplishments and accolades. However I wanted to to talk about Allen Iverson, as a basketball player, and as a person. Growing up, I idolized his one on one game. I like many other kids practiced his crossover and pull up. Allen Iverson was best young player to watch when I was in highschool. When Streetball and And 1 was making a hit, Allen Iverson made the greatest hit, on the biggest stage of the world. He Crossed up the Biggest name in the NBA, Michael Jordan.
Allen Iverson, welcome to the NBA. He brought a new trend to the league, hip hop. Iverson wore gold chains, got more tattoos, his clothes looked baggier by the moment. He was changing the NBA. Fans young and old adored his Will to Win and his exciting style of play. He showed it night in and night out when he was winning scoring titles, playing in All-Star games, and winning the MVP. However, his lifestyle brought him down. Rumors of late night parties before game day, and exhibiting a rockstar lifestyle on the younger players showed his inability to take responsibility. Believe or not, Allen Iverson was and still is a role model.

What is this call for a sudden retirement? Is it P.R. game where you want to see the media’s reaction? Or better yet, the number of Allen Iverson fan’s reaction? Do you love the game to really leave it? Dear Allen Iverson, you do not quit on something that you love. Period. What is this take it of leave it mentality? Can you not see the bigger picture? As a person, only you can know what is more important in your life. Winning a Championship (which I really believe ) or still think you can take everyone on in the league one on one. The game has evolved a lot since. But you can be a double double guy night in and night out (just look at Steve Nash). Explore the the past players who adapted and I can see one whom you can compare to, Nate Archibald. Archibald played for the Sacramento Kings, and ended up as an NBA Champions playing back up point guard for the Boston Celtics. If Archibald can adapt, so can you A.I.

I have to say, at 34, you can’t turn back the hands of time. You adapt and change with the environment or you can exit the game early. Michael Jordan changed his game and became even more dominant. Kobe Bryant is changing his game, adapting to the style of play and maximizing his abilities. A.I. you can do the same, and when you do, you’ll get that ring.
I believe in change. I also believe Allen Iverson will be playing anywhere else than the “Y.M.C.A” or so he says. Play overseas if you love the game. Grow up and think on a bigger scale.
Charlotte bobcats coach, Larry Brown said “Don’t give up.”

You don’t have to start to make an impact. ask Jason Terry. Change the labels of being the “cancer” on the team or not going to practices. You’re 34, and a seasoned veteran. Act like one. I’m sure your P.R will be helping you. If you can change, A.I., you can create a new name for yourself and come out on top as a better man. My next article on Allen Iverson will be ” The Prodigal Son has Returned: Allen Iverson’s return.”

We are all waiting….

While we are anticipating your next moves I need our readers to suggest teams that a new and improved A.I. can play on.
STATE the team and why. Participation is required!!!!

Stay tuned…

Thanksgiving Sale November 26-29

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Happy Thanksgiving !!!!


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In the latest edition of moves, the “oohs and ahs” shifted to Derrick Rose and Greg Oden. I am not going to say much on this subject because the commentator on the game didn’t say much when Derrick Rose….(speechless, just watch)

enjoy your Tuesday. get your Turkey’s ready, there’s a feast on Thursday.

Kobe, Doin’ Work.

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Kobe: “Hi rookie”

James: “Hi Kobe”
Kobe: “You know what I’m going to do when I get the ball right?”
James: “Yeah, you’re going to post me up and fade away when I’m off balance. I read your profile. I studied your tapes.
I’m not going to let you. I’ll shove you if I have to.”

Please watch the video. This is what Kobe did.

Nuff said, Kobe, Doin’ Work.